Treatment selection

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to customer circumstances. The right treatment is needed to get the right outcome - whether that’s collecting cash, signposting to additional support, or even taking no action at all.

Following our portfolio analysis, we provide our clients (including the UK’s largest utilities, financial services and government organisations) with a detailed understanding of their customers and advise them on the best treatment for each account.

Our scorecard provides a view on engagement rates (how many customers you will contact) and guides you on likely resolution and collections rates. And, by taking into account the cost of the activity, we can provide you with a view on the potential ROI, to ensure that you maximise your returns – whether reducing wasteful activity, or focusing attention on hidden or overlooked opportunities.

We operate a flexible engagement model, so you might prefer to use your own suppliers / partners to undertake the chosen treatment activity or, if you wish, we can then carry out debt recovery, litigation, and enforcement activity.

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