Portfolio analysis

We believe our creditor clients (including the UK’s largest utilities, financial services and government organisations) deserve to get paid. But how can you identify the customers who can pay and separate those who need additional support? What are the best customer treatment paths? How can you ensure you’re not wasting resources on activities that simply won’t work? How can you unlock unrealised value within your portfolio?

The effective use of data is critical and that’s where Just’s market-leading data science and analytics comes in. We provide you with valuable insight on your customers and actionable opportunities.


How does it work? 

  1. You send us your portfolio – this could be live, final or aged debt.
  2. We enrich it with multiple external data sources (including all three UK credit reference agencies and other data enrichment providers) to drive the fullest possible understanding of customer circumstances.
  3. Utilising many different characteristics, we score every account using our proprietary scorecard (Just Scores) to assess the customer’s creditworthiness (i.e. their ability to pay) and residency status / trace point of view (i.e. their whereabouts and your ability to establish contact). Our scores are continuously improved using debt outcomes, meaning that they outperform the more generic CRA scorecards.
  4. Using this scorecard, Just will identify the customer circumstances to enable you to choose the next best action to improve your portfolio performance.
  5. We proactively prioritise early identification of vulnerability or financial hardship so you know which customers need to offered additional support and avoid the risk of inappropriate treatment.
  6. We can then help you with treatment selection and, if you wish, even carry out debt recovery, litigation, and enforcement activity.
  7. Detailed portfolio analysis will help you achieve better engagement, better outcomes and better ROI from higher returns and lower costs.
  8. We will then assess the outcome data and conduct a ‘retro-analysis’ so that the scorecard can be optimised for your specific portfolio and future results can be improved still further – part of our continuous improvement approach.
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