Have we contacted you?

Just helps organisations help their customers resolve problem debt. If you have been contacted by Just it is because you need to resolve an outstanding debt balance.

We understand there are many reasons that you may not have paid - we’re here to listen and help find a solution that works for you. 


What should you do next?


We can only help you if you make contact. Things will only get worse if we can’t get you back on track, so it’s in your best interests to contact us.



How can I make a payment or agree an instalment plan?

 Call us on 020 3848 9069.


Where can I go for additional support?

Just is passionate about making sure that people who are behind on their bills are treated fairly.  

We know that debt can be a result of any number of life circumstances and we can help you to get the support you need from one of the organisations below.





How can I make a complaint?

We aim to provide the highest quality of customer care. If you aren’t happy with any aspect of our service, please complete our complaints form.


Our standards

The minimum standards that you can expect to receive from Just are set out in the:

We are also regulated by the Enforcement Conduct Board.