Helping our clients deliver better debt outcomes

Using data science and technology to select the right customer treatment and get easy access to an integrated network of suppliers


About us

We are a majority-owned subsidiary of The Arum Group which has been providing debt and credit advisory services internationally for over twenty years. 

Our executive team consists of some of the most experienced people in supply chain management, technology, debt resolution and compliance. Many of them were part of the UK’s first debt market integration project that was formed in 2015 as a joint venture between the private sector and UK Government.

Our network of debt recovery, litigation and enforcement suppliers cover every square inch of the country and are selected to ensure our clients have access to a diverse supply chain. We use data, analytics, and insights to enhance our understanding of the customers who owe money and then implement fair and effective treatment strategies based on their individual circumstances before placing debt.

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We connect everyone to our cross-industry digital infrastructure, The Just Hub.

The life cycle of technology is becoming shorter, and our clients’ expectations are evolving in an accelerating race for the most advanced insight into their problem debt portfolios. The risk of not knowing enough about a customer can result in wasted investment, or worse, a vulnerability not being detected causing a client and their customer harm.

Our technology is designed to support our industry-leading capabilities such as data analytics, automated processing, and integration with third-party systems. We do this by building our own technology, using our own team of engineers and through development upon the world’s leading platform, Salesforce.


“Our approach is to develop technologies that are core to what we do in-house, whilst integrating them with existing secondary technologies to ensure we stay at the leading edge of advancements and technological change”.

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    How we manage data

Our Network

We develop and make available a diverse supply chain made up of established, existing suppliers, SME’s and new entrants enabling buyers to contract with the best available industry experts within each of the following sectors:

- Debt recovery
- Litigation
- Enforcement

A robust procurement framework is used to select, test and onboard suppliers, and at a buyer's request, we also onboard their existing suppliers to manage any impact of supply chain disruption.


Natalie Tate, Chief Operating Officer
"We have a deep understanding of capabilities of the marketplace. Robust procurement methods are used to pre-qualify applications and move suppliers to a formal audit process. Suppliers that meet our quality standards are then approved to operate."

  • Debt Recovery
  • Litigation
  • Enforcement

Public sector

Just is a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s Debt Resolution Services framework to provide Enforcement Services and Managed Enforcement Services. The Framework can be used by central and local government departments to contract services for the enforcement of public sector debt.

Using an intelligent approach to enforcement that uses data, analytics and the resulting insights to define collection strategies that protect government organisations brands, save money, increase collections and treat customers fairly.





Who we help

We provide a single route to use industry-leading experts to resolve problem debt and work with clients in the following sectors:

•  Utility businesses

•  Government departments

•  Telco’s

•  Solicitors

•  Property management organisations

•  Banks, and

•  Private businesses.

Our service is delivered by experts with a deep understanding of the industry and what success looks like.

Victoria Oliver, Director of Client Development

“We recognise that no two clients are the same and that a partnership approach to service delivery is what’s required. We work closely with our clients and measure our output frequently through a net promotor score framework to enable us to deliver a five-star client experience that is built to last.” 



Our story

We created Just in 2019 to offer clients a single route to use the private sector to help resolve problem debt through a network of debt recovery, litigation, and enforcement suppliers.

We focused early on technology and underpinned it with some of the most experienced debt resolution experts in the industry, ensuring that our clients benefit from massive benefits to buyers including bringing in new specialist suppliers and enhancing social value contributions

Many of our team were part of the UK’s first debt market integration project that was formed in 2015 as a joint venture with UK Government for the collection of £23 billion.



being said

Read about what our customers are saying, Just news, and our latest blogs, vlogs and events.

Each week we publish industry insights and thought leadership pieces looking at case studies and topical issues including customer vulnerability, digital transformation, supply chain innovation and the shifting regulatory environment faced by creditors, their customers and the enforcement industry.



Chris Badger, Director of Legal & Compliance
“We measure the quality of the service we supply continuously and are also audited frequently by a number of international quality management awarding bodies. We hold a number of quality standards to cover the services we supply.”