Jamie Waller and the Evolution of Enforcement

12 October 2023

 The Credit Where's Credit Due podcast by Arum and Just, is hosted by Group Director of Debt Policy and Strategy, Steve Coppard. He meets with leaders and experts from the industry to shine a light on issues that impact the debt industry but might not be front and centre.

In this episode Steven Coppard meets with Jamie Waller, founder of JBW Group and the Enterprise Network at the Prince's Trust. Jamie’s the author of Unsexy Business and at a time of recording, he was in the midst of writing his new book, The Dyslexic Entrepreneur.

They discussed the enforcement industry, past then present. Their conversation highlighted the importance of making sure that the industry hears the voice of the front line, the enforcement agents themselves, as well as challenges in the procurement process, and the potential impact of the Enforcement Conduct Board.

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About the author


Steve has been in the debt industry since 2001. He spent most of his career working in government, where he started on the phones collecting VAT debt and ended up being responsible for prompting improvements to the management of over £40bn of public sector debt. He joined Just and Arum in May 2022 where he continues to shape the biggest conversations in the debt market, having been recognised as an Influencer on the Credit 500 list for a number of years. Credit Management Magazine recently called him one of the industry’s genuine thought leaders.