About Our Public Sector Work

Just is the enforcement integrator, procuring, managing and overseeing a multitude of suppliers for better public sector debt resolution, providing easy-to-manage access to a diverse network of industry-leading and localised suppliers for the resolution of problem debt.

The Just network of data, debt recovery, litigation and enforcement suppliers covers the entire country. It uses data, analytics and insights to give an enhanced understanding of those people who owe money and the ability to implement fair and effective treatment strategies, based on individual circumstances. What we’re doing isn’t new, it’s just an enhancement, since we’re the only integrator. This means that by using our solution, you gain greater flexibility, maintain control and benefit from enhanced visibility from compliance through to enforcement.

As the UK’s first provider of integrated services for the enforcement sector, Just has created effective supplier integration in the most challenging part of the collection life cycle. This has delivered some major social impact benefits to both clients and customers, resulting in Just becoming recognised for leading change for good by government, regulators and UK Parliament.

Just is a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s Debt Resolution Services framework to provide Enforcement Services and Managed Enforcement Services. The Framework can be used by central and local government departments to contract services for the enforcement of public sector debt.


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