Cost of living: The central and local government perspective

06 July 2022

On Wednesday 6 July, Just and Arum, held an exclusive event at the House of Commons (hosted by The Baroness Meacher) to discuss central and local government perspectives on the cost of living crisis.


We heard from several speakers throughout the evening:

  • Liz Barclay, Small Business Commissioner, talked about the state of the economy and the interconnectedness of people’s finances with business and government finances – if people do not have money to spend, businesses employ fewer people and pay less tax, which results in a larger benefits bill and lower income for the government to spend on public services.
  • Valentina Ruggiero from Crown Commercial Service spoke about Crown Commercial Service's Debt Resolution Services framework and how it can ensure fair outcomes for citizens, departments, and local authorities.
  • Steve Coppard, Arum and Just’s Group Director of Debt Policy and Strategy, discussed the benefits of market intergration and Managed Service Providers, including reduced procurement risk to the public sector, efficiency, flexible capacity and sustainability.


If you’d be interested in attending a future event, please email Hannah, our Head of Marketing, Brand and Communications.



Just is a supplier on Crown Commercial Service's (CCS) Debt Resolution Services (DRS) framework to provide Enforcement Services and Managed Enforcement Services and Arum to provide Fraud, Error and Debt (FED) Advisory services.

The landmark DRS framework will provide access to the best solutions and suppliers from the private sector, ensuring fair outcomes for consumers and departments alike, and driving strong social value.