Just accredited by Enforcement Conduct Board

24 October 2023

Just is proud to announce that it is amongst the first group of organisations to be formally accredited by the Enforcement Conduct Board (ECB).

The purpose of the ECB is to ensure that all those who are subject to enforcement action in England and Wales are fairly treated. Accreditation is an opportunity to achieve improved accountability, raise standards, and fund an independent oversight body for enforcement. 

Carlos Osorio, Group Chief Executive Officer, Arum and Just, commented, “We are delighted that Just has been accredited on this newly launched scheme. We welcome the establishment of the ECB and we wholeheartedly share their vision of continuous improvement and higher standards for the enforcement industry, which is entirely consistent with our own ethos to strive to be ‘better than yesterday’. 

Just has recently launched the Doorstep Vulnerability Toolkit and Just Breathe to improve the way agents are equipped to handle customers with previously unknown vulnerability. And we will continue to press for further improvements, including helping creditors understand when enforcement is and isn’t the appropriate treatment for their customers.

Just will work closely with the ECB – because we know working together we can make a real difference to raise enforcement standards.

View the accredited firms register here.