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    Appeals process

    If for whatever reason the complainant is unhappy with our final response, then an appeal against that decision can be made. This appeal should be in writing and within 21 days of receiving our final response. Once an appeal is received, the Director of Compliance will arrange a meeting of our board of directors who will reconsider the decision and bring the matter to a conclusion. The decision of our appeals board will be communicated within 28 days of receipt of the appeal. If the complainant is still unhappy with the decision of our appeals board, then the complainant can make a complaint to the High Court Enforcement Officers Association who are our professional association of whom we are members. The complaint should be made in writing to the following address:

    The Complaints Officer, 
    The High Court Enforcement Officers Association Ltd, 
    Drake House,
    Gradbroke Park, 
    Northwich Cheshire, 
    CW9 7RA

    To read our complaints procedure, click here.