Enforcement Workshop with Debt Free London

In what way the High Court case impact in civil enforcement in recovering debt?

Introduction – Ripon Ray 5 mins

Enforcement 101 the basis - 15 Mins, Nick Georgiades (NG) Managing Director, Just

What is the process

How does the fee structure work

What are the options if people cannot pay in full

Q&A (10 Mins)

Priority of enforcement cases and the implications - 20 Mins –Chris badger (CB), Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer

What is a Controlled Goods agreement?

What is priority and what does it mean?

How is priority determined?

Recent case law

Q&A (10 Mins)

Virtual enforcement - 20 Mins Natalie Tate (NT) Director of Operations, Just

Recent Royal Court of Justice ruling and the implications

What is it?

How does it work?

Q&A (10 Mins)

Breakout session (10 mins)

Group 1 – facilitator NT, What more could an organisation do to engage early?

Group 2 – facilitator NG, Pro’s and cons’ of a controlled goods agreement for the debtor?

Group 3 – facilitator CB, Pro’s and cons’ of a virtual visit for the debtor?

Feedback sessions from each group (15 mins- 5 mins each group)

Wrap up - 5 mins - RR