Yü Energy partner with Just for debt enforcement

12 October 2020

Yü Energy today announced an exciting new partnership with Just, a specialist debt integrator for high court enforcement.

Yü Energy has selected Just to manage its post litigation collections through the enforcement market integration service. This will ensure that Yü can further optimise processes to recover what it is owed to allow it to maintain competitive prices across the industry.

Yü selected Just due to the digital approach, their use of data analytics to detect people that need help to pay, and the brand-new solution of virtual enforcement visits. Just do things differently and like Yü they have a deep purpose to bring improvements to their sector through innovation and the use of technology.

The Just solution had a number of standout features that attracted Yü Energy to it:

  • Unique use of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence.
  • Use of Open Banking to secure affordable plans.
  • A ground-breaking virtual enforcement solution, unique to the market.

This allows Yü to:

  • Perform a visit remotely reducing confrontation and maintaining social distance
  • Reduce fees for the debtor compared with traditional enforcement
  • Enhance the ability to identify and help those that may be vulnerable and in need
  • Protect the customer and the brand and reputation – this was an easy decision to make

Bobby Kalar, Founder and CEO of Yü Energy commented; "Just are an innovative and purpose driven organisation. It was obvious to us why we should choose them to deliver this service”.

Jamie Waller, Founder and Chairman of Just commented “Yü are forward thinking, digital and care about their customer and their own brand and reputation. That’s the exact type of customer we want to work with and are delighted that they have chosen us to help them maintain payment compliance levels is a sensible and ethical way.”

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