VAT support group is launched

13 February 2020

VAT Support Group is launched to help High Court enforcement businesses and creditors deal with the forthcoming Ministry of Justice (MoJ) guidance on charging VAT.

The MoJ has committed to publishing guidance which will change the way VAT is collected by High Court enforcement businesses. It’s thought that industry changes will be required to ensure compliance.

Just, the enforcement market integration business say’s the advice will be issued within the next few weeks.

The support groups, launched today are free to join and plan to keep everyone who may be affected by the changes up to date on progress, provide access to the guidance and offer advice and support with any process or programming needs.

They are free to join, and any advice or support given is also free. You can sign-up for a group by registering your details here:

Creditors & Litigation partners

High Court enforcement businesses

Commenting on the launch, Just Founder and Chairman Jamie Waller said: “We are pleased to receive confirmation from the MoJ that they will issue guidance on the correct application of VAT within the next few weeks. This matter has been left unresolved for six years, and I am pleased that we were able to bring it to a conclusion. We will now divert our energy and offer the industry the support needed to ensure compliance with the instructions we receive.

“We are offering this support to anyone that employs the services of High Court enforcement and to the High Court enforcement businesses themselves. As an integrator, our potential suppliers must implement the issued guidance swiftly and without delay to protect the reputations of the industry as a whole. As we have built our systems and processes with these changes in mind, we are perfectly positioned to help others make the changes necessary to deliver a safe service for all.”

Source: CCR Magazine 

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