Statement on Just Bailiffs

14 April 2021


Just have been made aware of an enforcement business that is trading using the trading name of Just Bailiffs. This is not a business that is associated with Just. the enforcement market integrator. 

We are in the process of communicating with the Directors of Global Enforcement Solutions Limited the holding company of this brand to understand why this new trading name has been established and to ask them to change it with immediate effect. 

It clearly has the ability to confuse customers and debtors, of which some will be vulnerable that are trying to make contact with the more established brand of our business We hold the trademark for our brand in enforcement and the associated sectors. 

If you have been, or are in the future contacted by any business and you are unsure if they are the business or person you should be dealing with, then please follow the the Ministry of Justice guidance that was published and updated earlier this year:

At the time of this statement, the company Just Bailiffs or their holding company Global Enforcement Solutions Ltd cannot be located as members of either of the Trade Associations that the MoJ recommends. We are in the process of writing to both Associations to inform them of the situation. 

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns in relation to this statement:

Chris Badger AHCEO

Director of Legal & Compliance