Payment holidays are over. Bailiffs return today, knocking on people’s doors and taking their goods

24 August 2020

Since March, people in debt have been able to sleep well at night as the Government banned bailiffs from knocking on their doors. This stops today however, as the bailiffs return to business as usual.

During the bailiff ban some progression was made in the enforcement of debts world however which is going to be good news for some debtors. Just, a new entrant to the enforcement market has fought off numerous challenges from traditional bailiff businesses to launch the first ever Virtual Enforcement Visit solution.

Virtual enforcement, like the old traditional enforcement will be performed by qualified and trained enforcement staff from the comfort of a desk rather than in a debtor’s home. Debtors will be able to arrange suitable payment plans and arrange a time and day for a virtual visit to take place to secure the arrangement against goods but without the distress of having a bailiff turn up and enter their home.

Virtual enforcement will offer a more efficient and responsible way to deal with debt during the difficult times ahead but still allow for traditional enforcement to be used where effective and when absolutely necessary. The virtual enforcement solution will also be provided for free reducing the cost traditionally passed onto the debtor at this stage by up to £700.

Jamie Waller, Just’s Founder and Chairman said, “we have seen a sudden acceleration of a 25-year-old trend over the last few months of – “if I can do it online, I will”. We believe the investment the public has made in using new virtual solutions is here to stay. COVID-19 gave us the opportunity to think about a solution that was not only fit for purpose during a crisis but fit for the future and that’s what we have achieved. I am even more excited that virtual enforcement reduces the cost passed onto the debtor by as much as £700. This allows people that are owed money to get their principle amounts faster while treating the debtor fairly. Something that traditionally in this sector has been difficult to achieve”.

Benjamin Napier of Citizens Advice commented “any solution that gives the debtor the ability to engage without an enforcement agent at their door is a good thing”.

Just believe that the virtual enforcement solution provides creditors a service that is fair, proportionate and fit for the future of enforcement in a modern world.

Just is the only company in the UK offering to take bailiffs off the street and put them behind a computer screen. The trade associations that represents the traditional enforcement companies are fighting for traditional bailiff visits to be the only solution to ensure their members continue to be able to charge up to £700.