Just's AHCEO delivers introduction to High Court Enforcement

31 March 2021

Chris Badger AHCEO will be speaking at Kennedys Law on the 30th March to deliver an introduction to High Court Enforcement and explain how the process works at Just.

An overview of the event: 

• An introduction to Just – covering our history and brief details of the sort of work we do and the sort of Clients that we work with.
• A brief history of the office of the Sheriff and execution against goods
• The different types of enforcement action that a High Court Enforcement Officer can take covering the different types of Writ that HCEOs can enforce
• An overview of the Taking Control of goods legislation
• CPR Part 85 dealing with ownership disputes in relation to seized assets
• High value and specialised enforcement – key considerations with some practical examples
• High Value and specialised enforcement case study - Seizure of Aircraft – step by step

Tickets: Sold Out. This is an exclusive event for litigators at Kennedys Law.

About the Speakers:

Chris Badger is the Legal and Compliance Director at Just and is also an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer (ACHEO).

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