JTR Collections partner with Just for enforcement

25 November 2020

JTR Collections have announced an exciting new working relationship with Just, the enforcement market integrator.

Established in 2010, JTR Collections are renowned in the industry for their ability to recover debts using market leading methods. To date, they have collected over £12 million of unpaid debt on behalf of large creditors in the private and public sector.

Offering a personal and friendly service, JTR Collections also pride themselves on long term goals and partner with debt charities to help educate and assist vulnerable customers in order to protect the reputation of their clients and reduce the cost of recovering debt 

At Just, everything we do is focussed on the long-term goal of providing safe, accessible and affordable debt recovery solutions for the UK’s largest creditors. By welcoming JTR Collections into our network today, we are one step closer to that goal.

Michael Line, Operations Director of JTR Collections commented “We pride ourselves on our partnerships, so it’s exciting to work with Natalie Tate and her team who are making great strides to promote responsible debt resolution” 

Natalie Tate, Director of Operations of Just added: “JTR Collections are highly respected in the industry so it’s a pleasure to work with them as we integrate the market for enforcement. I am delighted to welcome Michael and the team into our network.”

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