Just welcome change to VAT guidance for High Court Enforcement.

16 June 2021

The High Court Enforcement Officer Association have released new guidance on VAT. The trade association have accepted in part that VAT should be applied differently in advance of the Court making their decision which was instigated by Just and is due this summer.

The guidance can be read here: HCEOA issues members with updated recommendation re: VAT on High Court enforcement fees

Commenting on the update, Jamie Waller, Justs Chairman said 

I am pleased to see that the new Chairman of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association has made this change. It was very clear to us that VAT should have never been charged to debtors and that this was an error that needed to be put right. I am pleased to see that in part they have attempted this before the Court make a ruling next month. 

This outcome in our view demonstrates why an integrator in this industry can provide increased oversight and drive changes that deliver better outcomes for those in debt, and those needing to resolve problem debt.  

I am pleased that my team at Just lead this to a part conclusion, and look forward to a full conclusion later this summer" 

Just issued a case at the High Court early this year to bring this matter to a conclusion and the next hearing date is due to be set for next month.