Doorstep Vulnerability Toolkit


Why did we create this toolkit?

We believe that debt owners deserve to be paid, but not at any cost to those who owe the debt. An ethical approach is paramount to the safety of customers and agents, as well as to protect our clients' reputations. There is no reason at all why an enforcement visit cannot also be an excellent customer journey.

How does the toolkit work?

At Just, we strive to resolve debt at the compliance stage. To deal with the rare cases where a previously unknown vulnerability is identified during a visit, we have created this toolkit to act as a safety net. An agent can use these two protocols to determine whether they should continue with a visit or not, and determine the next best action:

  • The SEVENS protocol involves assessing the surroundings to determine if a vulnerability is present
  • The FRIEND protocol seeks to understand if there is an element of illegal money lending occurring


What should an agent do if they think it's best not to continue with a visit?

If, using the above protocols, an agent deems an enforcement visit unsuitable, they can withdraw and employ Just Breathe (part of Just's core service offering), which comprises:

  • The most comprehensive signposting in the industry - the agent can refer the customer to a specialist support service (not only debt advice, but domestic violence, economic abuse, mental health, bereavement etc).
  • An informal breathing space – Just gives additional time to customers to pay off debts, while they seek the relevant support
  • Advanced standards and oversight – we provide full transparency to clients around body worn video, reconcile all video files and visits, and hold regular reviews with clients