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Why does Just exist

08 January 2020

"The reason Just exists is really because of the time I spent on the Pathfinder project, which was the Cabinet Office project to really establish if a debt market integrated was right for the collection of the 23 billion quid that was owed to them. We did an analysing project on that, building propensity models to establish how much of it should be recoverable, and then we set up an operation to prove that what we predicted was correct. It was really when we got within a few percent of what we predicted there that I could really see the value in this, and enforcements. Obviously, the pre-litigation project then went ahead and TDX won that and we now know that as the Indesser contract, which is a joint venture between government and TDX, but it's never existed in enforcement and ... well, until now.

What Just has done is Just has produced that marketplace and we really, we take care of everything from six weeks pre-litigation all the way through to litigation, post-litigation, CCJ issuing, Writ issuing, charging order, third party debt order, but using propensity along every stage of the way, so what is the right action to take at this time? Then also trying to identify vulnerabilities and really recognising that in many cases resolution is more important than recovery, and that's what we're here to do."