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We appoint a credible panel of High Court enforcement companies

28 October 2019

Who do we work with and what do we ask from them?

Just has strict guidelines and we expect the companies who work for us to oblige them at all times. Find out more from Just's Managing Director, Dominic Briggs.

"The credibility and the activities of the debt enforcement companies we work with is of prime importance and core of the Just strategy. So the first step really is the way we choose the people we choose to partner with. So the process of selection, all choose credible agents with a lot of experience in the marketplace. But actually what we've also looked at is their reputation for compliance and behaviour. The other area we've really focused on is the process we're getting everybody to follow. So we have an ISO standard documentation of the full collection cycle. We modelled that process closely, all our partners will follow it and we will audit that compliance as we go through the process. The other thing worth noting is all of the agents we're working with have been in this industry for quite a while. So again, that credibility and that knowledge is there."