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Treating debtors fairly during the process of High Court enforcement

09 October 2019

Where do we stand?
We put the creditor at the heart of the operation as well as ensuring that vulnerable debtors are treated fairly. Why? Because that's just the right thing to do.

Find out more on how we are planning to achieve this from Jamie Waller, Just's Chairman.

"I would love to take the credit for it, and say this is a great, new, bright and shiny new idea. But as you've heard from people today, it's not, the debt market integrator is already being used by central government to collect billions of pounds' worth of government debt, where it integrates with 20 or 30 different debt recovery agencies across England and Wales. And as you've heard from the panel members, the majority of them are actually performing enforcement services for some of the largest companies in the industry already. They've worked for me previously at JBW Group. You've heard them work for Marston, Equita, and Newlyn. What we're doing is we're bringing a single set of processes, procedures, and really implementing the infrastructure, the digital technology, the data science, the behavioural stuff, and bringing a big wrap-around service, which really is creditor-focused. So for once, we're going to put the creditor at the heart of the operation, and make sure that reputations are protected, and that the vulnerable debtors in society are treated as fairly as possible."

Learn more about the UK High Court Enforcement industry, and what challenges will we be facing in order to putting thing's right.