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The Just panel members

27 January 2020

"So, here at Just we do things a little bit differently. We don't engage directly with Enforcement Agents, like traditional enforcement companies do. We engage with panel members. There's panels of specialist companies such as data panel members, data providers, litigation partners, and any enforcement agent partners. Our clients want the best service on the street, reputational risk is everything in this industry. And so, we employ, or we engage with small to medium size enforcement companies all around the UK. All of our panel members are procured and secured under a rigorous SLA. If they are unable to meet the demands of the SLA, then they're replaced and they're swapped out for a panel member that can. So, our primary objective is to do it right, do it lawfully, do it sympathetically and always bear our creditor in mind."

Peter Daines, has held senior operational positions within both the Civil and High Court enforcement industry for over 20 years at various national organisations. He is now the Director of Operations here at Just.