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Propensity, propensity, propensity

15 January 2020

"So the 'one size, fits all' model of High Court enforcement, in my opinion, is just wrong. In the world that we live in now to actually even believe that the only thing we do once we get a CCJ and it remains unpaid, is issue it to a High Court enforcement Officer who then visits and tries to collect it. What we believe at Just is that you need to use real data and you need to overlay the decision tree with what is the right action to take. And that's vital not only to increase the amount that's collected, but to save costs and even more importantly, protect people's brands. And that means using real data to establish should we visit this person? If we do visit this person, when should we visit them? Not only when should we visit them, who should we send to visit them? If we know at the CCJ stage that the debtor is a 78 year old female, then maybe the next best course of action is a telephone call or a letter, or even arranging a time to visit her. Or even more important, if you're going to visit, maybe it's to send a female officer so that she doesn't feel under threat. We can only do that by using a solution like Just and the Hub, and that is to look at propensity and to look at big data and make those decisions part of your core strategy."