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20 January 2020

"Our technology was inspired by the Canadian government's approach to digitalising the entire court system. They used the Salesforce platform for that. What we did is, when we were in the market looking for technology, do we build best spoke? Do we bolt things together? We came across this solution and thought, "Bang. There we go: Salesforce. It's powerful."

We at Just believe that technology needs to be accessible, safe, and powerful, but more importantly, at the centre of everything we do. We went on a journey to build The Just Hub. That enables us to use the most powerful up-to-date propensity models everywhere from six weeks, pre-litigation, all the way through to enforcement.

I'm not just thinking enforcement as in the enforcement of a High Court Writ, I'm talking all of the enforcement measures that are required. Then that's where this technology enables us to not only make the right decisions, but make the right decisions at the right time, but also learn. It's absolutely imperative that what we did yesterday we have learned from and we improve today. That's what using the Salesforce technology allows us to do."