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Is it only helping big businesses that use High Court enforcement?

21 October 2019

Why is Just doing what it's doing and who is it helping?  

Find out more from Dominic Briggs, Just's Managing Director.

"This is not about big business or favouring the creditors, it's about doing the right thing and do it in the right way. Just will only act on enforcement cases that have been through the court and the court has decreed who should pay the debt. It's about taking the right approach to collect that and do it in a fair and just way.

The key of our approach at the beginning is to add data science, behavioural science, and data analytics to ensure that the right approach is taken and a fair approach is taken. For example, vulnerability. It's easy or possible to identify a vulnerability up front with the data to ensure... Still right thing to do to collect the debt but we've taken the right approach and a fair approach.

I've had the opportunity when I was running consumer collections at BT of working with the principles of debt market integration. I've seen the value of that, adding that data up front could create, both from taking the right approach but also ensure the compliance and a level of structure around industry.

I think this is a C change in the way that the industry, the enforcement industry, is run. It's a great opportunity. Some people might say it's a threat, but I've seen the benefits that having structure and upfront analytics can have. I've both been, as I said as a creditor for BT, but I also ran... or as MD of a debt collection company, so I've seen the benefits that the debt market integrated principal can have. I think it's a great time and a real opportunity for Just to make a difference."