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Data Science to protect clients reputations

18 November 2019

We use data science to protect clients reputations while using High Court enforcement as a service

There are almost no standard industry processes or systems to help identify potential vulnerabilities, such as age, bereavement, and extreme illness, when contacting debtors but we are committed to doing things different.

Find out more from Dominic Briggs, Just's Managing Director, about the data, analytics and insights Just is employing.

"So, data behavioural insights, they used loads and lots of industries these days. And I'm really quite surprised how little it's used in the enforcement industry. The use of data and the use of science to actually identify different capabilities or vulnerabilities enable you to target your approach a lot better. And what we want to do at Just is use state of the art technology, data and insights to ensure that our process is the most compliant and the most appropriate source. So for example, if we know the time of day a debtor is going to be at home, we target our work to make sure that we got it at the appropriate time, but also avoid times of inconvenience. So it's actually about the right service at the right time."