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The Centre of Social Justice (CSJ) hear from users of enforcement services on the proposals for an enforcement regulator

15 September 2021

The report: Users Perspectives - views and considerations on the Enforcement Conduct Authority is published today in response to the news earlier in the summer that the enforcement industry and advice sector had agreed to form a private enforcement regulator. The report, which includes the views of groups such as: local authorities, central government, trade associations, utility companies and the legal sector can be accessed here.

The response from users demonstrates that there is widespread support, in principle, from users of enforcement services and that there is a firm and universal agreement of the desire to raise standards, to protect the vulnerable and ensure the fair treatment of those in debt. Key to ensuring its success however is believed to require more clarity on how the regulator will demonstrate independence, especially in early-stage funding, the composition of the board and how it will integrate with the judiciary who have ultimate responsibility for enforcement agents that are officers of the Court.

Commenting on the report, Just, the enforcement market integrator’s Chairman Jamie Waller said "We are supportive of greater oversight of enforcement services but believe that for any proposed regulator to be successful in its mandate, that the views and needs of users of enforcement services should be heard and considered as part of the design and establishment. As a large-scale provider, purchaser and user of enforcement services Just is determined to ensure that any proposed regulator has the maximum chance of success.”

The user engagement sessions and the report were completed by independent consultants, commissioned by Just and presented to the CSJ this week.