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A Christmas Message From Nick Georgiades

23 December 2020

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

What a year 2020 has been. 

Never has our world changed so much, so quickly and so dramatically.

We have seen family, friends and colleagues have all been impacted in different ways, everyone with a different story and trying to cope in different ways.

Hope has driven us through. Sometimes we have helped others, sometimes others have helped us.

There have been signs of hope in a lot of places, from the vaccine breakthrough to hearing how people and business have adapted.

I personally have been moved by the personal sacrifices and commitment of the NHS and the small things in life including calls from close friends to check if I am okay.

Everyone has gone above and beyond this year, like never before. 

Whilst we may not be getting the Christmas, we would have all hoped for I do hope that everyone is able to have a break to recharge.

People that know me, know I think in song, so for this message here is Magic Penny

"Hope is something if you give it away,

Give it away, give it away.

Hope is something if you give it away,

You end up having more."

Please look after yourselves over this festive period and try to spread a little hope.

Stay in touch this Christmas,


Nick Georgiades, Just