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Britain’s first enforcement fintech company in The Times

14 January 2021

The Times has welcomed the recent high court decision on Virtual Enforcement, stating that Just is “Britain’s first enforcement fintech company”. 

The full article reads:

Bailiffs can replace home visits with video calls, the High Court has ruled. The judgement will allow debt collectors to summon people to meetings on platforms such as Zoom to arrange repayment plans, giving these meetings the same legal status as in-person visits. The ruling last week has prompted Just, Britain’s first bailiff fintech company, to announce plans for up to 100 2virtual enforcement visits2 over the next 30 days to people who owe money. “We anticipate it will become an industry-wide solution within a short space of time”, Tom Goodwin, of Just, said.

Some traditional bailiff companies had opposed the measure because visiting people in person can be lucrative. Companies can charge debtors £235 for each home visit.

Bailiffs can still visit people’s houses during the lockdown, although evictions are banned at present.



By David Byers