Johnson Tiles and B2B Debt Challenges

27 July 2023

 Steve Coppard meets with Andrew Hignett, credit control manager at Johnson Tiles, in the Potteries’ heartland of Stoke-on-Trent. Established in 1901, Johnson Tiles is the UK's only large-scale manufacturer of ceramic tiles.

They discuss the overlap and similarities in business and personal debt, both involve people, their behaviours, attitudes, and biases. As business debt is managed by people it is possible to handle both similarly as people can choose to manage their business finances just as they manage their personal finances.

The conversation also raises questions such as – What can be done to help people manage better personally and professionally? How can we educate people about money and debt? Should payment terms be standardised further? How can businesses use Know Your Customer to help deal with their debtors?

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