Commercial rent arrears recovery in 2022

24 March 2022

Just’s Director of Legal and Compliance has given his insights on what CRAR is and how landlords can get back on track while still making sure their tenants are treated fairly and appropriately.  

What to expect for 2022

04 February 2022

In this blog, our senior leadership team has highlighted some of their key expectations for the year to come.

Local government and the growing problem of procurement challenges for enforcement services

20 October 2021

This week’s Just Insights looks at the questions and the results of this survey and comes from Just’s Director of Client Development, Victoria Oliver.

What has Fuelled the Energy Crisis?

08 October 2021

we look at the causes of the energy crisis and how energy firms can take practical action to respond.

Enforcement Through a Different Lens

24 September 2021

A perfect storm is brewing for vulnerable customers and the enforcement industry needs to prepare.

Post Covid Digital Engagement Across Collections & Recoveries

12 August 2021

Arum has completed the most comprehensive digital survey of Collections & Recoveries managers. Read more.

VAT on enforcement fees has changed

03 August 2021

Just welcomes new guidance came from the HCEOA. Read more.

Virtual Enforcement – from court ruling to reality

16 July 2021

Virtual Enforcement is becoming a reality. Read more.

The Value of Analytics in Late Stage Recoveries

08 July 2021

Data and analytics can be vital at the enforcement stage. Read more.

Utility Sector Case Study

15 June 2021

View a Just case study from a leading water retailer. Read more.

Rebalancing The Landlord-Tenant Equation

08 June 2021

One sector impacted by the pandemic is the Landlord and tenant sector. Read more.

The Role of Intermediaries in the Debt Industry

26 May 2021

The appearance of an intermediary or ‘middleman’ can often lead to suspicion unless a value proposition is well understood. Read more.

Utilities and the £6bn Debt Challenge

20 May 2021

Our analysis suggest UK retail energy and water utility sectors hold cumulative debt now sitting over £6 billion. Read more