High Court Enforcement for Faberge Egg Clock

27 April 2021

Chris Badger HCEO cracks the case of a Faberge Egg Clock.

High Court Enforcement for Fine Art

19 April 2021

Chris Badger HCEO explains the high court enforcement process for fine art.

How to Seize an Aircraft with High Court Enforcement.

13 April 2021

Chris Badger HCEO explains the high court enforcement process for aviation.

Covid-19 Excess Mortality Analysis

31 March 2021

Our data science team consider the impact of Covid19 on excess mortality using ONS data.

What is Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery?

12 March 2021

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) refers to the statutory procedure a landlord must follow in order to recover unpaid rent.

What are Penalty Charge Notices?

22 February 2021

Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) help local authorities fund vital public services.

What To Expect From Budget 2021

17 February 2021

Charlotte Smith shares reflections on a challenging year and what to expect from next month's budget.

Why is segmentation important in debt collection?

15 February 2021

Customer segmentation is an important element for creditors designing debt collection strategies

Should Local Authorities Increase Council Tax?

04 February 2021

A number of local authorities are hesitant to increase council tax by 4.99% from April 2021, according to research published this week.

Trouble in the Utility Sector: Will More Suppliers Fail in 2021?

28 January 2021

Yesterday, Ofgem confirmed Green Network Energy and Simplicity Energy will cease trading. Victoria Oliver shares her thoughts.

What is Open Banking?

15 January 2021

Open Banking is changing UK financial services. We caught up with Newsha Nosrati from Arum Consultants to find out more.

What is Priority of Writs in High Court Enforcement?

13 January 2021

Priority between Writs exists so as to define the order in which Writs should be paid

Reflections on the 2008 Global Financial Crisis

29 December 2020

As we enter 2021, Nick Georgiades reflects on the 2008 Global Financial Crisis 

Is the furlough scheme extension the right decision for the UK?

18 December 2020

Is the furlough scheme extension the right decision for the UK? We look warning signs for 2021

Why We Partner With Salesforce

15 December 2020

We partner with Salesforce because, like Fortune 100 companies, we need to build enterprise technology at scale.

A Gathering Storm? Covid-19 and Bad Debt.

14 December 2020

Are we in the eye of a gathering storm of bad debt? We look at four warning signs suggesting 2021 will be challenging.

Why Integrate The Enforcement Market?

08 December 2020

The enforcement market is currently a multi-tier supply chain composed of creditors, panel managers, DCAs and enforcement agents (bailiffs).

Challenges For The Utility Sector: Our Outlook For 2021

03 December 2020

It’s been an extremely tough year for water and energy retailers. Sandy Duckett shares his forecast for what to expect in 2021.

Frequency Asked Questions: Litigation In Person

01 December 2020

We caught up with AHCEO Chris Badger to answer your FAQs on Litigation in Person.

New Ofgem Rules Coming Into Force

30 November 2020

Suppliers will have to provide more support for customers struggling to pay their energy bills and extra help for prepayment customers

What is virtual enforcement?

23 October 2020

Virtual enforcement solutions allow qualified enforcement staff to work remotely when seeking to collect on unpaid debts.

What is an Enforcement Market Integrator?

21 October 2020

Just is the UK's first debt market integrator for litigation and enforcement. Our technology protects vulnerable debtors while providing an effective final sanction for unpaid debts.

Myth-buster - The truth about virtual enforcement visits

12 August 2020

There is some confusion on what virtual enforcement means, and what it's benefits could be. 7 key statements are examined in this myth-busting piece.

Virtual enforcement visits - time for change

08 July 2020

The enforcement of debts using enforcement agents has been crucial since the dismantling of debtor prisons in around 1869. What’s essential now, however, is that we take a modern approach to the delivery.

Taking a marketing approach to communication and an e-commerce approach to transactions is the future for enforcement

07 July 2020

Enforcement firms perform a difficult task. Getting a debtor to engage that has, in most cases, avoided many demands for payment from the creditor themselves or their debt recovery providers, can be difficult.

Is returning to debt enforcement necessary?

22 June 2020

Creditors can still issue judgments in the Court, and enforcement suppliers can even assist those creditors in issuing an order for enforcement or Writ

High Court enforcement firm forced to hand back debtor’s payment

18 June 2020

Should creditors be issuing writs now to protect their debt and get to the front of the queue of priority?


Blog: Should Creditors Issue Their Writs Now?

16 June 2020

Should Creditors be Issuing Writs Now to Protect Their Debt and Get to the Front of the Queue of Priority?


Frequency Asked Questions: High Court Enforcment

15 June 2020

We caught up with AHCEO Chris Badger to answer your FAQs on High Court Enforcement.

One Debtor With Three Debts. What's the Right Thing to do?

09 June 2020

One debtor with three debts could be chased by three separate enforcement companies and charged three sets of enforcement fees. Is that the right thing to do?


This is not the first time controls have been imposed on enforcement and it probably won’t be the last

30 May 2020

As we wrote about in our previous blog, secondary legislation was laid by the UK Government on Friday, April 24, 2020, to address the impact of coronavirus on matters relating to enforcement.

The reason government stepped in and cancelled enforcement during Covid-19

27 May 2020

Secondary legislation was laid by the Government on Friday, April 24, 2020, to address the impact of coronavirus on matters relating to enforcement.

Why are the response rates to High Court enforcement demands so low?

04 May 2020

We are frequently told that by the time a debtor gets to enforcement, nothing will make them engage other than a visit, a knock on the door. The data however does not support this.

High Court Enforcement for Lotus F1

21 April 2020

Chris Badger HCEO explains the high court enforcement process for Lotus F1

Problems with body-worn cameras in the High Court enforcement industry

09 December 2019

Earlier this year, the UK government made it mandatory for enforcement agents to use body-worn cameras during enforcement visits. 

Using data insights and behavioural science

27 November 2019

Protecting reputations and vulnerability in the High Court Enforcement industry

Problem of undelivered notices of enforcement in the High Court enforcement industry

18 November 2019

Notices of enforcement are very important documents. 

The 'renting of authority' - what we can do about it

18 November 2019

There are only 46 Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers (AHCEOs) in England and Wales, which means it only takes a few to go against the spirit of the High Court Enforcement Officers Regulations 2004 to cause significant problems for the industry as a whole. 


Blog: Enforcing debt while protecting your brand

04 November 2019

Debt Recovery is necessary for almost every business in the world. Businesses have a difficult balance to achieve between recovering debt and customer care.