We work with Utility Companies to resolve problem debt.

We offer integrated services that cover:

  • Data, Analytics and Insights
  • Live Debt
  • Final Debt
  • High Court Enforcement, and
  • Aged Debt 

Our solutions are designed with each client to ensure that we are representing their interests first and that we understand the importance of debt resolution to them.

Our technology allows us to design a variety of strategies that drive desired outcomes. We recognise that one Utility Company will look very different from another and it's our job to understand each client and what's important to them.

We maintain responsibility for the end-to-end process and for the monies recovered. Our solution enables buyers to procure services once, but then receive and maintain access to a diverse supply chain of enforcement agencies throughout the contract term. We give buyers choice and enable them to trial new suppliers, champion challenge existing suppliers and introduce more diversity to their supply chain throughout the contract term. Just maintains full responsibility for the enforcement process, the buyer's requirements, the supplier's performance and ensures that reputations are protected while completing the difficult task of late-stage recoveries. We maintain relations with the main Telco and Utility Regulators to ensure industry leading compliance standards are delivered and maintained.

We act with 24 hours of instruction and aim to return monies within a maximum of 55 days (where vulnerability has not been established or payment plans agreed). 

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