Judgment for money

We will manage the process for the recovery of any outstanding debt owed to you by enforcing a Writ of Control. If you have a County Court Judgment (CCJ) that is over £600 in value, we offer a free administration service to transfer the case to the High Court which enables the swift and effective process of High Court Enforcement. We aim to collect your money within days, send notices by Royal Mail’s recorded delivery and complete three visits or more to the debtor's address using our panel of enforcement providers.

Download and fill in the below PDF instruction form and email us

We are authorised by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ)
We are authorised by the Lord Chancellor's department to enforce judgment debts that are over £600. Once you have a judgment, send it to us and we will do the rest, including transferring the case to the High Court for a Writ of Control.

How much you will need to pay
You will need to make a payment of £71 to cover the Court fee. If you are a claimant in person you will need to pay a further fee of £90 (£75 + VAT) to us at the point of  instruction.  Please note that this payment is returned to you if we are successful in enforcing the judgement and recovering your money.  If you have already obtained a Writ from the High Court and would like us to enforce it,  please upload a copy of the sealed Writ together with your contact details, we will contact you shortly.

Our transfer up administration service is free which means you only pay the external cost of £71 to the Court.

What is the process once you have the Writ?
Once we are in receipt of the Writ of Control, we will forward a Notice of Enforcement to the debtor giving them 14 clear days to pay and we will do this using Royal Mail’s Recorded Post.

If the debtor does not pay the debt in full within this period, the case will be assigned to one of our Panel Members who will attend the debtor's address. They will then continue to attend until they make contact and attempt to secure payment. Visits are documented with photographic evidence and uploaded to our single digital infrastructure in real time.

We aim to recover the debt in full on the first attendance and funds collected will be released to you after fourteen days in compliance with the Insolvency Act 1986.

If you don't already have a CCJ in the name of the person who owes you money, then do  that online now using the Governments service Money Claim Online.

Or call us on 020 3848 9060