Commercial rent arrears recovery

We provide swift recovery processes in accordance with the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013. This is free to the landowner.  We recognise that the creditors and our clients' reputation is important and always act in a manner to safeguard their reputation.

A simple and easy way to instruct us:

Download and fill in the below PDF instruction form and email us



Or call us on 020 3848 9060


There is no need to go to Court 
We have a nationwide panel of Enforcement Agents who are authorised to recover rent, interest and VAT payable under a commercial property lease, without needing to go to court.

We can act within hours 
Upon you giving us instruction, we will send a Notice of Enforcement giving the debtor seven clear days to pay in full. After this notice has expired, we will attend the property to collect payment in full. If payment is not made then we have the power and ability to value, take control, store and dispose of goods in order to recover the sums due.

You can instruct us to recover rent arrears seven days after a default.