What is an AHCEO and an Enforcement Agent?

An Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer (AHCEO) is an officer of the High Court of England and Wales, authorised by the Ministry of Justice. They are responsible for enforcing judgments of the High Court, known as Writs. The most common Writ is the Writ of control.

An Enforcement Agent acts on behalf of and under the guidance of an AHCEO or an enforcement company. Just contracts with a panel of enforcement agencies that operate under either under the authority of Christopher Badger, the Just AHCEO or the jurisdiction of the creditor where the High Court is not involved.

What is the process by which AHCEOs collect outstanding debt, and how should I respond?

The collection process has four stages. You are encouraged to act as quickly as possible upon receiving a Notice of Enforcement (stage one) and contact us to make payment. If you do not make payment at this stage, the process will escalate to the next stage of enforcement, which will incur further charges.

Please be aware that additional charges will be added for every subsequent stage, for example, if the enforcement agency has to call on you more than once, or has to remove goods for sale, the charges will increase accordingly. The enforcement agency will collect the costs at the same time together with interest charged under the Writ. The fees and charges are set out in Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014.

The sooner you pay, the less your total charges and interest will be.