Why us

We are part of The Arum Group and are supported by their 20+ years of industry expertise and experience.

As the UK’s first provider of manged services for the enforcement sector we initiated ourselves in the most challenging part of the collection life cycle. However, within a short period of time had introduced several changes that will have major social impact benefits to both clients and customers for many years. The work we undertook has gained us recognition from the national press and the debt advice sector as an organisation that is leading change for good.


You can read more about these initiatives here:

Just introduce virtual enforcement with the approval of the High Court to help those suffering during the pandemic.

Parliament clarifies that VAT should not be charged to those in debt which will save them millions of pounds in enforcement fees.

Our efforts were noticed and in the first year we were appointed as a manged service provider for several major clients across the UK which enabled us to expand our business from enforcement market integration to debt market integration and we now provide a full suite of debt resolution services across the UK.