What we do

We provide a single route to use a diverse network of industry-leading experts to resolve problem debt.

Through a managed service approach, we are transforming the challenges that traditional procurement has into opportunities for buyers with dynamic needs by developing the most comprehensive and diverse supply chain in the UK.

Buyers procure the service once, through Just but then benefit from us using multiple suppliers to test performance, switch new suppliers on, and old ones off and consolidate the industry expertise to deliver better outcomes.

Our approach to service provision is designed to:

  • Simplify the procurement process to enable buyers to get the service they want without the fear of legal challenge
  • Supply buyers with access to a diverse supply chain and the ability to use multiple suppliers through the contract term
  • Supply buyers with the ability to transfer their existing suppliers into the managed service provision without additional cost or procurement processes
  • Supply a managed service where we maintain the end-to-end process responsibility and give buyers a single route to get contractual requirements delivered, and
  • Supply an intelligence layer that is designed to use technology and data analytics to ensure the right level of customer segmentation and best treatment paths are chosen to provide better customer experiences and a swift resolution of problem debt.

Our suppliers benefit from access to new clients, technology and insights and economies of scale, no marketing/sale spend, and access to expanding opportunities.

Our approach to supply chain development is designed to:

  • Increase diversity by nurturing the capabilities of SME’s
  • Address capability issues by introducing new entrants, and
  • Integrating with established and existing suppliers.

We work with clients in the following sectors: 

  • Government departments  
  • Utility businesses 
  • Telco’s
  • Solicitors 
  • Property management organisations
  • Banks
  • Private businesses.